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"Quinta do Tedo is honored to receive Best Of Wine Tourism 2014 for excellence in our wine tourism services in Portugal - to include tours & tastings and our 5-bedroom agroturismo (B&B). We are impressed by Great Wine Capitals' initiative to connect wine lovers to these cities and internationally-renowned wine regions, that creates a wonderful collaboration between these very places with the common goal to promote and always improve wine tourism. We pride ourselves at the Quinta for being personable, informative and professional and wholeheartedly believe that this is essential to meet the expectations of those visiting our Quinta, the Douro and Portugal. Obrigada for this possibility to be a part of Great Wine Capitals!"

Kay and Vincent Bouchard, Quinta do Tedo, 2014 Best Of Wine Tourism Award Winner - Wine Tourism Services

“Our involvement in wine tourism being quiet recent, it was particularly relevant for us to participate in the Best Of Wine Tourism Award contest organized by the Bordeaux Chamber Commerce and Industry and the Great Wine Capitals Global Network. Being awarded in the “Architecture and Landscape” category comforted us in our wine tourism decisions.
This award represent a great recognition for all the work done by the Dauphine team, a constant concern for quality, elegance, and experience that we try to provide each visitor. This award will prompt the company to improve its efforts to   become a main partner in the Wine tourism sector among offer famous properties.

Marion Merker, Château de la Dauphine, 2014 Best Of Wine Tourism Award Winner - Architecture & Landscape

“We feel much honoured to have won the Best Of Wine Tourism 2014 award in the category of Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences, and take it as the recognition for the intellectual strictness of contents and sensorial experiences around Port Wine, the Douro region and Portuguese food provided to those who visit the Espaço Porto Cruz.

It also means more responsibility. I consider that innovation and distinctiveness are essential for Port Wine and tourism’s sustainability, and find it fulfilling to see that these are duly rewarded.”

Jorge Dias, Espaço Porto Cruz, Porto 2014 Best Of Wine Tourism Award Winner – Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences

“The Best of Wine Tourism awards give recognition to the best entities in wine tourism from the most prestigious wine regions of the world, from Napa Valley, in California, Bordeaux in France to Cape Town in South Africa. It is an honour for The Yeatman to be awarded this distinguished prize which reinforces the position of, and brings international attention to, the city of Porto as a destination.”

Miguel Velez, The Yeatman, 2014 Best Of Wine Tourism Award Winner – Accommodation

"With this award, we feel such as “Ambassadors of Tuscan culture” "and this fills us with joy and pride in belonging to this land!"

Gilda, Maurizio and the staff of Enotria, 2014 Best Of Wine Tourism Award Winner- Wine Tourism Restaurants

"This award recognizes our work in these first 8 years and stimulates new efforts to continuously improve our offer of hospitality. We are very proud! "

Silvia Bottelli,Public Relation, Castello di Gabbiano, 2014 Best Of Wine Tourism Award Winner- Accomodation

"An award for the history and for the binding of the Guicciardini family, with the city of Florence. A prize to integrate more and more art and culture with the production of high quality wine and wine tourism”

Gabriel Farolfi, Business Development Manager at Castello di Poppiano, 2014 Best Of Wine Tourism Award Winner- Art and Culture

"Apart from the wide public attention and acceptance that we have experienced, Best of Wine Tourism supports us as a quality seal and creates confidence among guests."

Anke Schneider, Herrgottsgarten Weinevents, 2014 Best Of Wine Tourism Award Winner- Wine Tourism Services

At Château Saint Ahon production of wine  is definitely the first and main activity. We practice our work with passion to ensure a constant quality of our product.  

Since 2009 wine tourism represents the second pillar of Saint Ahon’s activities – a service that exists thanks to and for the wine!

The implementation of wine tourism practices is first of all a genuine support for the distribution of our wines, but it is also and foremost an excellent communication tool for everything that concerns the wine and the winery.

Our wine themed circuit “Les Jardins de Mirabel” (Mirabel Gardens) has furthermore brought us the Best Of Wine Tourism trophy in the category of Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences.

We consider this recognition – unexpected but hoped for! -  as a  recompense of our authentic and hard work, in which we have put our hearts and aspiration with the goal to explain in a simple way the essentials of our main duty: working with the wine and the vineyard. 

Besides the pleasure of receiving this award, entering the circle of “Best Of” winners also gives us  the possibility to exchange experiences with the other laureates as well as the a recognition in the professional world of wine tourism. For us, this award is definitely a great step forward!

Nicolas et Françoise de Courcel, owners of Château Saint Ahon

Nicolas et Françoise de Courcel, Château Saint Ahon, 2013 Best Of Wine Tourism Award Winner - Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences

“This award was received with particular satisfaction , for several reasons:

  • we always believed that the quality of the architecture of this project would be determinant for it´s success- and for that reason we choosed an architect from the very famous Oporto University School.
  • Although our main activity is the production of wines- we made a strong effort and put a lot of energy in the wine tourism activity, as we believe it is a strong competitive advantage in the very competitive global wine market.

The success achieved, of which this award is a very clear indication, makes us very happy and optimistic about the future”

João Álvares Ribeiro, Quinta do Vallado, 2013 Best Of Wine Toursim Award Winner - Architecture and Landscapes


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