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The Great Wine Capitals International Research Grant: "Promoting Excellence and Innovation in Wine Research"

Wine tourism and marketing projects welcomed.

The Great Wine Capitals Global Network has launched the 7th annual International Research Grant program. Applications from qualified students or young researchers will be accepted until September 15th, 2014

The program, whose aim is to promote excellence and innovativeness in wine research, will award up to two grants of 4.500 euros for projects related to economic, environmental and social equity sustainability or wine tourism and marketing in a region belonging to the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.

The applicant must be currently enrolled as a student in an educational program (e.g. Bachelor, Master) or as a young researcher within 5 years of completing study, employed as a researcher (postdoctorate or other) or an academic (e.g. lecturer) at a tertiary institution or other recognised research institute.

In addition to the grant, the authors of the two winning projects are eligible to receive an additional 500 Euro stipend help meet travel and lodging expenses for presenting their projects during the Annual General meeting of the Network in November 2015.

Previous award winning projects have been:

  • "Positioning tourism destinations: wine as a competitive factor of a territory brand"
  • "The impact of the internet on the wine sector: New strategies for wine marketing in the province of Florence"
  • "The value of winery architecture for wine tourism experiences and regional marketing"
  • "Purchasing behavior of neophyte wine consumers in supermarkets : the role of an interactive wine selection self-service technology"
  • "The connoisseur continuum: Understanding the wine-involved in New Zealand"
  • "The application of ‘Service Design’ in wine tourism destinations: Enhancing customer experience in Mendoza’s wine tourism products"

If you want to apply, please read the rules and fill in the Application form.

The Application form must be sent to your local Education and Research Committee Representative by September 15th, 2014 (contacts to be found on the Application form).

International Research Grant Rules 2014-2015.pdf
Application form 2014- 2015.doc

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