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Sylvie Dulong, owner, Château Lavergne Dulong, category accommodation, Bordeaux

October 2011:

"Receiving a Best Of Wine Tourism award in the Accommodation category drawn tourism operators attention to the Château Lavergne Dulong. Incoming travel agencies were very interested and requested information for their clients. Effects on the press have been important too, in particular on the local media press, Sud-Ouest newspaper, devoted an article about the wine tourism impact on a small etate like mine. TV7, the local TV channel, shot a sequence of the program "La vie de châteaux" that was broadcasted in march. On top of that, Château Lavergne Dulong has been mentionned in the french famous magazine, Figaro Magazine special issue, dedicated to "The most beautiful guest houses". This trophy Best Of awards 2 years of hard work and investment. It drives me to keep improving my services for an always better welcoming of my visitors." Sylvie Dulong, owner, Château Lavergne Dulong

Sylvie Dulong, owner, Château Lavergne Dulong, category accommodation

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