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Bilbao | Rioja

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Bilbao | Rioja

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Bilbao | Rioja

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The Bilbao | Rioja area in northern Spain is an important industrial center, known for its innovation through technology development centers throughout the region. It is considered a top tourist destination because of the wide range of its cultural sites, diverse geography, world-famous cuisine, and the excellent Rioja wines.

Bilbao has undergone an important transformation by developing an urban model combining new industries, services and technologies with art and culture. One of the most recent examples is the Guggenheim Museum.

The port of Bilbao has always been an important hub for the shipment of Rioja wines around the world.

The Rioja region is located about 100 kilometers south of Bilbao. ‘Rioja’ is the most famous denomination of origin for wines in Spain, representing 40% of sales of quality wines in its home market and an increasing share in over 100 international markets. 

The region has been producing wines for over one thousand years, but the development of the modern wine business began in the mid-19th century.

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