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Mainz | Rheinhessen


Mainz | Rheinhessen

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Mainz | Rheinhessen

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Mainz, the capital of the German federal state of Rheinland-Pfalz, is situated on the banks of the Rhine, the gateway to Rheinhessen, the Rheingau and the Middle Rhine Valley. It is a Wine Capital, a university city, and was awarded German City of Science in 2011. It is famous for the “Man of the Millennium” Johannes Gutenberg and his invention of printing with moveable types, home of a major television broadcast centre and renowned for its carnival celebrations but also for its cosmopolitan flair, open-mindedness and savoir vivre.

It is rich in cultural, culinary and tourist offerings. Mainz is a way of life!

Mainz, Mayence, Moguntiacum… the 2,000-year-old city has a fascinating history. It reaches back to Roman origins, a legionnaire's camp on the Rhine. This Roman heritage can be admired in such places as the Museum of Ancient Seafaring, the remains of the largest roman theatre north of the Alps, or the Temple of Isis and Mater Magna. The Roman founders also brought the first grape vines, sowing the seeds for Germany's largest wine-growing region Rheinhessen that will be celebrating its 200th birthday in 2016.

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