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WINE DAY – CANTINE APERTE the last Sunday of May, 2012


Heat up your legs, or better  your mouth, because the Wine Day is approaching! The last Sunday of May is the Wine Day, the traditional occasion to tour your favourite wineries or to discover new ones.

It is the most important event organised by  Movimento del Turismo del Vino, a non profit association born nearly 20 years ago with the aim of promoting wine tourism,  during all these years they have encouraged the wine producers to open their doors to visitors and they have increased the number of their members in order to include some of Italy’s most prestigious wineries, selected on the basis of very precise characteristics, first of which their high quality of hospitality.

The event can be quite different according to the region you are visiting. Last year I was travelling on this weekend in the northern part of Latium and I passed by one of the open wineries: it was very close to the main road and you could see a lot of people eating and drinking outside the premises and the cellar, there were tables and it was possible to taste the wine but also some food specialities provided by local farmers or restaurants (there was a mobile van which offered hot fried fish titbits that were delicious!). It looked like a village festival…

On the other side, you can have other famous wineries who organise guided visits and tasting tours which have to be necessarily booked in advance, because they usually don’t open the cellar to visitors.

The best way to enjoy this event is to have a look on the website to check the list of all the wineries which take part in it and see which are the opening times and the eventual rules to be followed in order to see a particular one of them. Otherwise you can simply travel around in a certain area with the list and stop casually when you see the sign “Wine Day – Cantine Aperte” on the road: it is much probable that you will have a pleasant surprise about the wine discovery.

So in 2012 remember the date of May 27, and this year it is already the 20th anniversary of this event, but this is a regular appointment so it is useful to mark it in your personal agenda so that you can even plan a trip to Italy, and better to Tuscany, and enjoy the Wine Day.





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