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What is supposed one of the most common pieces of wisdom has become reality at Nierstein. Weingut Raddeck is a perfect example of how excellent the needs of wine making, logistics, distribution, event area and of course sustainability can be combined in one building. It’s the addition of small details that makes Weingut Raddeck the perfect place for these different aims.

Seated a little bit outside and above Nierstein the estate offers a marvellous view from its huge terrace. The dining room is built in a slight angle to the rest of the estate to open up the perfect view of Nierstein and the river Rhine, softly curling through the valley below. The entrance hall next to the dining room can be used as a reception room for larger events and normally accommodates the sales counter.

Beneath the complete building family Raddeck installed a system to use terrestrial heat. For even more effectiveness the heating system is combined with a heat exchanger transferring the warmth of the outgoing used air to the incoming fresh air.

The production hall divides into three parts: wine press, wine cellar and storage area for the bottled wines. All are placed on the same level making it easy to transport the goods from one to the other. The roof of the hall is shaped to fit solar collectors in the best possible angle reducing the cost of energy for the hole estate to a negligible amount next to nothing.

80 percent of the wines are sold to regular customers.

Without doubt a lot of experience ran in this brand.-new estate and the marketing efforts at Weingut Raddeck. And there is even more to explore so don´t hesitate to visit Nierstein and this Best of Wine Tourism awarded estate – especially in summer!





Weingut Raddeck